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Liberty Charity


Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people in Africa and beyond. We reach out to the less privileged, widows, fatherless, the diseased, the displaced, war-ravaged areas and orphans of all races through our faith with our humanitarian works using our local pastors and our churches. We understand how important it is to render help to the needy just like every human should do irrespective of our differences or religion.

Liberty Charity foundation was founded to bring hope to those who are wary and extend our helping hands to all of them. We are aspiring to become that safe house where all can run to.

 We at Liberty Charity Foundation are committed to using ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF YOUR DONATIONS  to go directly to the field to see lives changed and transformed through the power of Jesus Christ-with these focuses in mind.

How can one be a part of us?

Being part of the liberty Charity Foundation can be done in the following ways.


Help touch the lives of those in dire need.


We accept all forms of donations and value each penny, dollar or pounds, etc.


We can be contacted via email, or our social media handles.

our work

Touching the lives of people from Africa and all over the world. For years, Our organization has been rendering help to those in need. Our aid reaches both young and old, male or female. We deliver aid in the form of food and shelter for the underprivileged and displaced.

Medicines and treatment to the diseased, physical help, and donations to the helpless widows in the rural areas who are struggling to survive. We have touched the lives of many orphans who are barely surviving and lack education through our relief packages and funding for their education etc. We also aim to deliver not just food supplies but also medical supplies in the form of medicine and medical personnel for many who cannot afford them. We have partnered with local churches in various locations with pastors heading them as a way to reach us faster so that we can propagate our help.

We have touched so many lives and will continue to do until we reach the ends of the earth.


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Why we exist

About Community

reaching out to the less privileged, widows, fatherless, orphans, and those in dire need of help via faith with works, by equipping local pastors and churches to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people in the continent of Africa and beyond until there is no place left. We do not only offer physical help to all people but also spiritual help through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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